About Us

We give back in each moment we achieve, we act upon this belief by designing and deploying research driven solutions to millions of problems across the globe, we happen to facilitate the creative leadership of 21st century. We are 3G IRPS.

3G Institute of Research and Policy Studies is think tank initiative which operates under six Areas of Thrust (AoT):


Economic aspects of Entrepreneurship and Employment

Science & Technology

Society, Culture and Agriculture


Trans-National Policies

The entire operation of 3G IRPS follows
the 3G Social Design Philosophy which is:

3G IRPS has undertaken diversified projects designed after thorough research where we work with different stakeholders of society spanning from student communities to Governments to influence the public and private policy with one motto “Action Inspire Change” under the right “Leadership”.

The inexhaustible vessel of ideas at 3G IRPS are divided into two categories; "Ideas in Progress" and "Ideas in Action"

10 Pillars

3G Institute of Research and Policy Studies

3G Pentagon

The edifice of 3g philosophy is known as 3G Pentagon : a 5 Pillared Vision that originated at Dr Sahid Cholayil and is now the driving force for each and every one associated with
3G Team.

Our Vision is to Provide World Class Education that leads to acquiring the best Employment opportunities (in jobs that does not even exist today), while encouraging Entrepreneurial Approach to each role undertaken as well as creation of platforms for dynamic individuals to grow and prosper, revolving 360 Degrees around the axis of Innovation , binding everything together with cutting‐edge Technology .