About 3GIRPS

3G IRPS (3G Institute of Research and Policy Studies) is an educational R&D company focusing on “A Mission with a Cause” to “Add Value to Billions” by addressing the biggest threat of humanity in terms of World Employment Crisis due to Technological disruption.

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3G IRPS Company Profile

A humanitarian organization. Addressing the cause and effect of the “World Employment Crisis” in India and “Technological Singularity”.

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Company Story

Mission 3G. "Build India to Serve the World". The story behind 3G Institute of Research and Policy Studies, and the "Mission with a Cause" focusing on "Adding Value to Billions"

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Dr.Sahid Cholayil Profile

Founder and Chairman of "Mission 3G". Humanitarian, AI Scientist, Futurist, Egalitarian, Educationist, Serial Entrepreneur, and a strong advocate of "Technological Singularity".

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3G Logo Philosophy

The story of the Blue Shield. A fusion of five elements, and our vision about a future immersed in technology.

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3G Pentagon

The story of 5 Pillars. A calling to the human in you. And a "Mission with a Cause" blending Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, with, Technology, and Innovation.

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3G - a way of life

Your personal success lies in finding the "why" of your life, and educating yourself to live up to this "why"! A calling to the human in you! And about your personal, professional, financial, and spiritual fulfillment!

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The future is here

Era of disruption? With the evolving AI. and IR 4.0 changes, what disruption and innovation can be seen? How are jobs and the future going to evolve?

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SOE - Success, Opportunity, Education

Re-defining Success, Opportunity, and Education, with a scalable, and practical model which is better suited for adapting and thriving in the age of A.I. and IR 4.0

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FPDT - First Principle Design Thinking

First Principle Design Thinking. Discussing about the best gift of human beings, "reasoning to the core", and 'out of box' thinking to relearning how to think and how to learn. Box thinking to out of box thinking. Tracking from Aristotle to Elon Musk.

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Career and Life

What is a Career? A Job? An Occupation? Why is it very important to our life? How to choose a right futuristic career? Especially when one size fits for all no longer works.

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Mission Ganit

Decoding World Maths Phobia. A global attempt - creative, simple, and activiy based Mathematics competition on 275 Maths Concepts.

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Our Address

3G Institute of Research & Policy Studies
Registered Office: Module - 4
6th Floor, Block - A, Phase - II
IIT Madras Research Park
Kanagam Road, Tharamani
Chennai - 600 013
Tamilnadu, India.

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