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Why Choose our Blockchain Certification Course?

Block Chain is a freely accessible electronic journaland the spine of Cryptocurrencieswhich are astonishingly prominent nowadays. Were the Techno Communities are occupied searching different ways to implement the technology in Banking, Real estates, Legal Services, Voting, Stock Trading, Personal Identification, Airlines and may more. Where an average salary for a Blockchain developer in India is varied from 5 lakhs – 30 lakhs which relies upon the candidate’s skill and It’s the time to transition your vocation in this optimistic province with our Industry masters.

Real Time Projects

Students get to work on projects based on industrial and environmental based problems

Flexible Classroom Schedule

Students can work and learn on their flexible batch timings

Professional work support

Students will be guided by the industry experts who have 10+ years’ experience

Trio Certificates

Earn a Certificate from 3G Institute of Research and Policy studies and Month Internship Certificate plus a Project Completion Certificate

3G Course Completion Certification
Internship Certificate
Project Completion Certificate


Academic content which is taught in a school or in a specific course or a program has a 19th Century Curriculum – 20th Century Teachers – 21st Century Students, Here we provide a curriculum and learning experience with the Industry Experts who have 10+ years’ experience which accelerateslearning & Thinking capacity of students.

Application Lifecycle Management

Install and Instantiate chaincode package
Configure endorsement policy
Define collection policy for private data
Modify or upgrade chaincode

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Query and analyse peer logs
Query and analyse CA logs
Query and analyse Orderer logs
Query and analyse chaincode logs

Membership Service Provider

Configure ACL
Create end user identity
Revoke an identity
Configure and start Hyperledger Fabric CA
Configure Hyperledger Fabric for hardware security module

Network Maintenance and Operations

Unsupervised learning
Add a peer to existing organization
Create a channel
Add an org to a channel
Update channel configuration
Update a Hyperledger Fabric Instance

Identity Management

Instantiate a wallet
Import identities to a wallet
Select and manage identity from a wallet

Network Configuration

Create and use connection profiles
Instantiate and connect to a gateway
Access networks and contracts

Smart Contract Development

Define smart contract class/construct
Define transaction functions
Validate and sanitize inputs and arguments
Implement deterministic logic/code
Simple state interaction (Get, Put, Delete)
Execute simple queries
Create complex queries
Define assets using key value pairs
Identify potentially private data
Incorporate private data collection
Implement attribute-based access control
Initialization of the ledger state
Install and instantiate a smart contract

Smart Contract Invocation

Invoke smart contracts via CLI
Submit one or more transactions
Evaluate transaction functions e.g. for queries
Query transaction history
Call a transaction using transaction class (stateful)
Create and issue an application contract
Register and handle channel-based events

Maintenance and Testing

Handle error and success responses
Identify and review logs
Unit test contracts
Diagnose and endorse policy conflicts
Identify and correct non-determinism in functions
Troubleshoot transaction flow

Career Support

As a participant in the Best Learning's program our Career support initiative helps you Excelerate & unlock your potential, highlight your skills and connect to the right opportunities for your next job.

Placement Assistance

Admission Fee

Fee for the Block Chain Certification Program

Great Learning rupee icon 1,20,000/-

*+ 18% GST
*Pay at ease of Instalments

Registration Great Learning rupee icon 20,000
1st Month Great Learning rupee icon 50,000
2nd Month Great Learning rupee icon 50000
Total 1,20,000


Candidates can pay the program fee through

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