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Online felony is a worldwide issue that has been dominant in the new era that possesses jeopardy to a person, furthermore to a Major Transnational Companies, Banks, or Governmental Organizations. Substantial Companies are searching for an effective safeguard system to secure their organization from Cyber invasions and this amplifies requirements for Cyber Security Engineers. The remuneration for a Cyber Security officer ranges from 8-15 lakhs in a Mid-Level Transnational Companies. This is the century’s most desirable job and an effective transition to your professional vocation.

Real Time Projects

Students get to work on projects based on industrial and environmental based problems

Flexible Classroom Schedule

Students can work and learn on their flexible batch timings

Professional work support

Students will be guided by the industry experts who have 10+ years’ experience


Earn a Certificate from 3G Institute of Research and Policy studies and Month Internship Certificate plus a Project Completion Certificate

3G Course Completion Certification
Internship Certificate
Project Completion Certificate


The Business Analytics course is delivered in 2 formats - Classroom mode and Online mode. The Business Analytics course curriculum has been designed in collaboration with faculty from Great Lakes and UT Austin McCombs School of Business. The teaching and content in the course is by faculty from Great Lakes, UT Austin and other practicing data scientists and analytics experts. The capstone projects are approved by Great Lakes and UT Austin McCombs School of Business Faculty.

Introduction to ethical hacking

Information security,
Hack value,
Zero-day attack,
concept Types and Phases,
Ethical Hacking concepts, and scope,
Information security controls.

Footprinting concepts

Footprinting through search engines,
Footprinting through social networking sites,
Website footprinting,
Email footprinting,
Whois footprinting,
Network footprinting,
Footprinting Pen Testing.

Overview of network scanning

Scanning Methodology,
check for the live system,
check for open ports,
scanning beyond IDS,
Scan for vulnerability,
Banner Grabbing,
draw network diagrams,
Scanning pen-testing.

Enumeration concepts

NetBIOS Enumeration, SNMP Enumeration, LDAP Enumeration, NTP Enumeration, SMTP and DNS Enumeration, Enumeration pentesting.

System Hacking

Cracking Passwords, Escalating Privileges, Executing Applications, hiding files, Covering Tracks.

Introduction to Malware

Trojan Concepts, Virus and Worm, Malware Reverse Engineering, Malware Detection, Malware countermeasures

Virtual Machine

Installation of VM's in Windows and MAC
Configuration of VM's and Installing OS

Kali Linux

Kali Linux Installation
Working with Kali Linux (GUI)
Working with kali Linux (CLI)
Set Up Kali Linux from ISO File

Sniffing Concepts

MAC Attacks, DHCP Attacks, Spoofing Attack, ARP poisoning, DNS Poisoning, Countermeasures.
Social Engineering Concepts, Social Engineering Techniques, Impersonation on Social Networking Sites, Identify Threat, Social engineering Countermeasures.
DoS/DDoS Concepts, Dos/DDOs Attack Techniques, Botnets, Dos/DDoS Attack Tools, Countermeasures, DDoS case study.

Session hijacking Concepts

Network Level Session Hijacking, Application Level Session Hijacking, Countermeasures, Penetration Testing.
Hacking Web servers, Compromise of user accounts, Website defacement, Secondary attacks from the website, Root access to other applications or servers, Data tampering and data theft.

Metasploit Framework for Penetration Testing

Working with Metasploit
Windows Hacking
Creation of Malicious Executable
Payload crafting like .exe .apk etc
MSF Venom
Veil to Create Custom Payloads
TheFatRat - Installation and Creating a Custom Malware
Embedding Malware in PDF Files
Embedding Malware in Word Documents
Embedding Malware in Firefox Add-ons
Empire Project in Action
Exploiting Java Vulnerabilities

Hacking Web Applications: -

Web App concepts, Web App Threats, Hacking Methodology, Web Application Hacking Tools, Security Tools, Web App Pen Testing.
SQL Injection, SQL Injection concepts, SQL Injection Methodology, Types of SQL Injection, Evasion Techniques, Countermeasures.
Hacking Wireless Networks, Wireless Concepts, Wireless Hacking Methodology Wireless Encryption, Wireless Hacking Tools, Wireless Threats, Bluetooth Hacking, Wi-Fi Pen Testing.
Hacking Mobile Platforms, Mobile Platform Attack Vendors, Hacking Android IOS Hacking IOS, Hacking windows phone OS, Mobile device Management, Mobile pen-testing.
Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots, IDS, Firewall and Honeypot concepts, IDS, Firewall and Honeypot solutions, Evading IDS, Evading Firewalls.
IDS/Firewall Evading Tools, Detecting Honeypots, IDS/Firewall Evasion countermeasures, Penetration testing.
Cloud Computing, Introduction to Cloud Computing, Cloud computing Threats Cloud Computing Attacks, Cloud Security, Cloud Security Tools, Cloud Penetration Testing.
Cryptography, Cryptography concepts, Encryption Algorithms, Cryptography Tools, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Email Encryption, Disk Encryption, Cryptography Attacks, Cryptanalysis Tools

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