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Honor the Birth Right to Education

Build India,
Serve the World

As you know in 2020 India will become the youngest country in the aging world, with its population median age at 29 and considered to be the potential workforce for the globe. However, this demographic dividend will turn into a demographic nightmare if we don't get it right with the world's largest educable population. On top of that India is going to face the worst of technology unemployment in the upcoming decade. At present we have a job deficit of 29 Million (Employment-Unemployment Survey, 2012 & 2015, Ministry of Labor, Govt. of India) and will be worsened by machine automation in the years to come. As per the World Development Report 2016 based on the Oxford Martin School study in 2013 ("Future of Jobs") states that 69% of all jobs in India are susceptible to automation in 2030.

Adding Value to Billions

Just purely looking at the demographic trends, it means that for the next 30 or 40 years, India could have and one would argue should have a youthful, productive, dynamic working age population at a time when rest of the world (including Europe and China) is aging. Suddenly India is poised to become the workforce of the world. But all of this will only happen if we get on key thing right and that is education and skill development training... “ (Keynote address at UNESCO, Global Education & Skills Forum 2017)
Percentage of employment
that can be computerized (in %)
Argentina 65
China 77
India 69
US 47
UK 35
South Africa 67

Source : World Development Report 2016

Honor the Birth Right
to Education

Around the world

59 million

children of primary school age are being denied an education


65 million

adolescents are without access to a secondary school

We believe that every human life should join in this journey from “Womb to Tomb” by virtue of their birth.

Mission 3G is an integrated deployment solution for the entire learning ecosystem with a vision to accelerate the digitization of Indian education prior to the launch of our R&D product (3G App) in 2019.

Enabling access to digital education is the only solution to the "National Security Obligation" in the context of our demographic dividend turing into demographic nightmare and the existing digital learning solutions in the market are unable to scale-up this access.This is primarily because education in the new digital wave has evolved from single value chain to integrated digital learning ecosystem and demands access to learning solutions that address education as an ecosystem.

However the current solutions focus on specific problems and has failed to address the problem of education in this manner. In this context 3G Learning Initiatives with the support of our R&D team including experts from Harvard University has designed a deployment system by aggregating various stakeholders including the solution providers of this ecosystem to enable access for learners and boosting the digitization of education.

Upcoming Events

Life at 3G is occupied by events round clock throughout the annual calendar. Certain events in regard to Mission 3G is open for public and we extend our warm welcome for supporting minds to join our upcoming happenings. Most of the public events are organized by coordinating different social pillars to ensure diversified and quality participation.

  • Global Tech Summit 2018

    Location: To be decided
    Date: June 2018
    Global Tech Summit 2018 in India is to bring together the best of the best tech innovators who would play great role in leading the technological disruptions from what they are today to what they have to be in the near future.

  • Edupreneur Fellowship Program 2018

    Location: Centre for Science Education and Communication, Delhi University
    Date: Third Week of January 2018
    “Edupreneur Fellowship Program 2018” is Social Hackathon 2.0. It is a three days special intensive training workshop on design thinking and leadership. The workshop under mentorship of Dr. Asher Jesudoss (IIT - Delhi) addresses the “Digital Education Challenge in India”

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