We envision a world where every life enjoys the paramount of happiness by adding value to billions of lives we coexist with adhering to profound values propagated through the pentagonic approach of three “Es” namely education, entrepreneurship, and employment revolving 360 degree around the axis of technology and innovation.


We believe that in this pursuit to transform our dream in to a shining reality, the “Mission with a cause” has committed to serve the world by enabling access to real education which helps every learner with an “Individualised Curriculum” and “Personalized Pedagogy"to decipher the question of “Who am I?”

Vision Talk

“Considering that we are living in an era of constant discontinuity… An unimaginable world… Disruption has became a global force bringing active change in different sectors of the economy … we are in tryst with a disruptive era, forced to act upon it.

By 2025, Two billion people will have their first banking experience on smart phones and 80% of these people will never walk in a bank branch and with the Fintechs coming in to play … will eventually put a nail in the coffin of the great banking sector forever.

It was the Harvard Professor Mr. Clayton Christensen who coined this word for the first time in 1997. Twenty years from Christensen’s work “The Innovator’s dilemma”, this word has became an influenza in 21st century discourses… alarming than the Great Plague of 1666

Disruption by means of Technology is not an unfamiliar phenomenon to the pages of history. It has been around a long time. The Industrial Revolution … disrupted the transportation industry, printing industry and many other industries…

But what makes today different from the industrial revolution… is the speed of the clock! We are moving from a linear world to an exponential world… In two years 100 Million people will have their doctor assistance in their pockets, an accustomed example, the wearables.

The Facebook took two and half years to reach 50 Million customers, whatsapp took 15 months and angry birds just 15 days. Leadership of tomorrow is going to be different from the leadership of yesterday . 40 years of expertise in any field will never be ability but a liability … a certificate of your expertise of the past … the world will be looking forward to how well you anticipate your future…

A disruptive ecosystem offers a possible exponential growth rate to a 100% a year Cognification or Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most influential developments and trends and drives and direction in our society in next 20 years.

We live in time where the world’s largest hotel chain Air bnb holds no hotel, the world’s largest Taxi Chain Uber holds no Car.

The human civilization is threatened by 3 Major Problems … Problems that affect the very existence of human race

1. Global Warming

2. Bio Terrorism

3. Technology Unemployment

Studies show that there is no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to 'decarbonize' the world's economy. Thanks to climate engineering and innovative “vertical jungles” global warming is no more alarming. Bio-Terrorism is a real threat however dormant in near future.

Unlike the other two … the Technology Unemployment … in the epoch of cognitive platforms will leave 80% of the currently employed in to the category of the “jobless”. In the widely noted study published in 2013, Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne examined the probability of computerisation for 702 occupations and found that 47% of workers in America had jobs at high risk of potential automation.

Economists are already worrying about “job polarisation”, where middle-skill jobs (such as those in manufacturing) are declining but both low-skill and high-skill jobs are expanding. In effect, the workforce bifurcates into two groups doing non-routine work: highly paid, skilled workers (such as architects and senior managers) on the one hand and low-paid, unskilled workers (such as cleaners and burger-flippers) on the other… With AI Technology at our door steps, IBM Watson advertising computers with 5 senses in 5 years, even the high-skill jobs are under threat of Technological Unemployment.

The World Economic Forum 2017, Switzerland has openly expressed their anxieties on Artificial Intelligence. Economists worry that the disruptive economy will pave way for a Robotic Hegemony in near future. You might have heard about the Apple and Samsung supplier Foxconn replacing 60,000 factory workers with robots in a single day.

The dogma is that the Technology has lost its dual nature in the phenomenon of disruption. Though displaces jobs Technology was also keen on creating new jobs within a certain time limit. We were gifted with time to adapt to the new dynamics a disruption cause. . Revisiting history of technology it is evident that the energy dynamics have played a crucial role in initiating disruptions. Steam Engine for example gave the flag off for the 18th century industrial revolution. The unskilled labors were massively replaced by new machines in factories. We had a gap of nearly a century to adapt and enable ourselves before the next big disruption happens … It was the IT that replaced the skill labor force over a period of 35 Years… The IT replaced the typewriters with programmers in a span of a decade… Followed by the magnificent disruption of internet that waited for 15 years for the next … followed by the innovation of cloud computing… 5 Years from the first experiencing of the cloud we are facing the revolutionary disruptive innovation ever in human history… The AI Technology… The Dawn of a Cognitive Era… So from a 100 year gap to 5 year gap… Technological Disruptions is clock speed, fast pacing us in to a Disruptive Era. Unlike the other phases multiple factors makes this unique… 1)Connectivity… Currently 3 Billion People are connected in the internet services… which will rise to 10 Billion in Connectivity in next 5 years… … Huge Number! How is it Possible? This is becomes a reality in no time with the IOT or Internet of things… and studies shows that a Trillion things will be connected over the internet including humans.

These number make the disruptive era unique enabling a butterfly effect… an impact… that can causes a chain effect like a tornado in lightning speed as an epidemic metaphorically and literally. No exception to this disruption. It’s time giants admit the fact that disruptive economy and the disruptive capital is the “beginning of their end”. Let’s take an example of the Oil Industry, currently valued at 6 Trillion dollars will be vanished in no time in the onset of alternative energy resources in the next 20-40 years. Tesla automobile company working on cars running on batteries… 3D Printing Technology… and Driverless Transportation systems will have a epidemic impact on Oil.

Now coming to education … the arena of creating and disseminating knowledge… An evolution from Gurukul to MOOC we find three major versions … three milestones of it:

Version 1.0 the Gurukul controlled primarily by the Greek and Indian Civilization was fundamentally unscalable restricting the knowledge to an elite class.

Version 2.0 is specifically architectured in the backgrounds of colonial times catering the needs of industrialization. This model is however is still followed to this very era of cognitive computing

Version 3.0 the MOOCs and Beyond… The massive open online courseware Edx partnered with MIT are able to provide free courses online. Edx has seven million students in 4 years.

This is a time of digital Darwinism — an era where technology and society are evolving faster than industries can naturally adapt. This sets the stage for a new era of leadership, a new generation of business models, charging behind a mantra of “adapt or die.”

If we are not able to find solution beyond innovation this era will be… a forgotten era

Another unique feature of the Disruptive era as I have mentioned earlier… the large unemployment it causes… 1 Million Youth are entering the Indian Job Market every month… 12 Million in a year… In a time where we talk about 45% unemployment threat how we create jobs for 300 Million in the next 10 Years … This is absolute chaos… On one hand thanks to our brightest minds for 3D Printing Technology we are able to print stem cells, kidneys and what not any organs in the human body. Cancer will fade in to the pages of history in no time. But on the other side of isle we see… right in front of our eyes… the humankind lost in transition… wandering for jobs… is it the “beginning of our end”… Things have fallen out of our hands… the era of disruptive innovation and the disruptive capital has made technological advancement an uncontrollable phenomenon. Simply put the creator has no control… neither over the process of creation nor its deployment. Being the youngest nation by 2025 we dream that the demographic dividend will progress us in the direction of an Indian Dream… But let me remind you if we don’t act in the clock speed addressing the chaos… the demographic dividend will be a demographic disaster.

Technology Disruption of digital natives unlike the other will replace the vital essence of humanism… the entity we were proud of… the cause of our prosperity in evolution… The human intelligence… Policy Makers, Doctors and all the noble professions will be employed and controlled by Robots… This is not science fiction… perhaps the most interesting story of the future of how we fought for the survival of mankind on this planet as savages… How to call it? A Cyber Slavery or a Robotic hegemony…

The only solution… is to enable ourselves… to look inside each one of you for answers to this problem…

Project 3G … with the dedicated expertise across the world are humbly daring to find a meaningful solution adding value to billions of lives… On this very Mission with a Cause we came to one remarkable conclusion… The solution lies within ourselves … within the divine energy in each of us… unleashing our untapped potential of human brain through a paradigm most suitable… most noble… education… We dream at augmenting human beings… making our race capable for the future… creating hyper reality of Humanism… Let’s join our minds together irrespective of all boundaries for the survival of humankind. Expecting your blessings, and whole hearted support of your innovative minds for a disruptive era”

(Delivered at the International Seminar on “Decoding Inborn Potential: Challenges & Possibilities at Malabar Christian College, Kerala in collaboration with Univesidad Azteca (Mexico) and Central University of Nicaragua)

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