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We are introducing, for the first time in the world a technology blended school curriculum for k-12 ( NCERT and state syllabus)

3G Innovation Lab is a workspace and children's club, where young minds can give shape to their ideas through hands-on do-it-yourself mode and learn innovation skills. This ultra-modern lab enables students to have a tangible experience rather than a virtual experience.

Young children will get a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand the concepts on – science, electronics, hobby projects, robotics, renewable energy, Drone, AR, VR, IOT, space kits, open source microcontroller boards, sensors, 3D printers and computers.

“7 out of 10” Indians will have no job in the next 10 years”.

According to the World Bank report, India requires more than 42,000 jobs per day. The existing unemployed population is more than 8.1 crore. If we want to solve this crisis within the next 10 years, India needs a production of 50,000 jobs a day to counter unemployment. The current production rate is 450 jobs only. On top of all that, 69% of Indian jobs will be automated before 2030 which means “7 out of 10” Indians will have no job in the next 10 years”.

If you don’t in-still your children with the fast pace technology education, your children will end up being unemployed/ lost/hopeless.


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Residential Entrepreneurship Camp

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  • Entrepreneurship Certificate from 3G University (Boston, USA)

  • Personalised mentorship from industry experts

  • Complimentary 3G Shirts

  • 1-year access to 3G Commune

  • Career Counselling & Coaching through psychometric tests (Understand your strengths and weakness)

  • One on one guidance to begin your Entrepreneurial journey

  • Complimentary study guides to understand fundraising for startups

  • Work on Real-time projects

  • Learn 21st Century survival kit training

  • Learn New Age career’s

  • Learn the Biggest Mistakes in Career selection


  • Network with startup founders

  • Interactive sessions with 10 Industry experts

  • Complimentary gaming zone (caroms, chess, basketball, etc)

  • Convocation at the end of the month

Residential Entrepreneurship Camp

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24 - Hrs. Hackathon participation certificate (In Collaborate with IBM)

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Mission 3G,
Mission With A Cause

As we progress into the era of a trillion connectivity, human civilization has evolved through centuries into a profound digital transparency, overriding the geographical and man-made boundaries extending our reach beyond our imaginations to the new realms. Despite the millennial achievements of the past and promises of applications mimicking human intelligence in future, we are yet to decipher the existential trivia of “Who am I?”.

We at Project 3G have dedicated our lives to this cause to unfold the mystery behind the very human existence.


Each human life is born with an unimaginable potential. Signals of which are encoded with their genetic constitution, the heredity. As you know, what gets coded together before birth is not a controllable factor, however ‘how to guide coded-potential’ is indeed a possibility. But the very challenge lies in the fact that neither the person nor his/her own parents can identify this coded-inborn potential to its fullest depth, and thus it creates a mystery around human nature.

But the fact remains! The Coded - Inborn Potential can be identified, nurtured and enriched to produce unimaginable results by activating it’s interaction with the environment through a well defined learning exposure and a series of meaningful well-directed life-experiences. Unless this happens, the ultimate satisfaction; the paramount happiness stands beyond reality.

“A Mission with a Cause” aims at making a life’s journey towards ‘Paramount Happiness’ possible, by helping one ‘Unleash the Inborn Potential’ right from the formative years of your life all the way until you grow-up to become a better Educated, Enlightened, Enriched and Empowered citizen, capable to build yourself, your family, your society & your Nation - into a meaningful world, as a whole. The Project not only keen on identifying the inborn potential but also to find a process to decode it according to our real-life needs.

The paucity of appropriate methods to identify the true inborn potential propelled us towards the direction to develop an innovative solution - a new method to identify the inborn potential of a person. By comprehensive integration of various disciplines, the precision of this research initiative has to be validated in years to come.

Mission 3G is a multifold venture administering six disciplines, developing research and development solutions in the educational domain applying Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Mission 3G is the educational initiative of the Genius Group Global and operates through the 3G Learning Initiatives and its subsidiaries.

3G App

The research based project involves 7 years of in-depth R&D on Market Needs, Feasibility, Threats to Mankind, Society & Nations, Education, Technology, Neuroscience, Psychology, Epistemological Elements of Philosophy, World Economics and Value Systems most imperative for the Survival of the humankind

During this research-journey, various experts & renowned specialists in the Education Segment from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian School of Business (ISB) & Indian Institute of Management (IIM) have associated with our team (which currently is around 250 people strong spread across 3 cities in India and in UAE).


This initiative is designed as a Co-Innovative Venture with:

World's largest Cognitive &
A.I. Platform of IBM - Watson

Big-Data Management
Capabilities of SAP - HANA

3G App is an Educational Application which is a unique solution for every stakeholder of Education Ecosystem delivering through a personalized pedagogy and individualized curriculum powered by the bent of latest Cognitive Technology & Premium-Custom Content.

This "IoT-Enabled Educational Research Initiative" which proves to be one of the largest solutions for the entire Educational Ecosystem (catering to Learners, Parents & even Institutions) will be launched in 2019, from Silicon Valley, USA.

Virtual Learning Environment of 3G App

Various Modes of Inputs

Powered by

Iot Devices

Scenario Based, Character-Driven Supercharged Academic Content

Powered by

3G BASel Pedagogy

Personal Usage Data

Education is not the target, instead it is the noble pursuit that leads us to the dream of paramount happiness we are envisioning. We believe that every human life should join in this journey from “Womb to Tomb” by virtue of their birth

Womb To Tomb

“Life is a learning process, learning is a lifelong process”

“Futurist Robert Frey Predicts the biggest internet company in 2030 will be an education business that doesn’t exist today”- World Economic Forum
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3G Institute of Research & Policy Studies
Registered Office: Module - 4
6th Floor, Block - A, Phase - II
IIT Madras Research Park
Kanagam Road, Tharamani
Chennai - 600 013
Tamilnadu, India.

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